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Shadowlands LiveStream Recap. Official Returning Player's Guide. Other related subreddits. Frequently Asked Questions about Shadowlands. Frequently Asked Questions. Classic WoW Edition. How do I exit Blackwing Descent after final boss? I wonder how Tirion gets out Actually, he does get out. You can find him in WPL. My guess is Invincible dropped for him and he rode him on outta there. If you're a monk, Druid, or DK, use the class teleport spell Deathgate, etc twice and it will deposit you near the instance entrance.

I was still maining a druid in Cata, which means I knew that and have apparently completely forgotten it. Ah, that's in MoP right? I'd dropped my druid off the Timeless Isle by that point. Poor neglected boomkin :. Join a group on the premade group finder, leave it, and wait one minute for the instance boot timer. Why Golden Lantern? Because Ashran doesn't have portals to Shattrath or Dalaran unless I missed them somewhere Warlock here, after hitting the orb run to where nef is standing when he turns into the dragon and put a teleport circle down.

Just ensure you complete the encounter within 6 mins. Easy Then sail on over to BoT! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. New Link. New Discussion.Your email address will not be published.

Skip to content. Blackwing Descent bosses and loot Posted on December 18, by Mikro. The instance entrance is located inside the Blackrock mountain close to where the old Blackwing Lair raid was. Nefarian is resurrected by his father Deathwing and this instance is a kind of continuation of the story in Blackwing Lair. Sell Price: 0g 59s 54c. Flame Pillar Leggings. Sell Price: 3g 97s 61c.

blackwing descent entrance

Scorched Wormling Vest. Sell Price: 7g 40s 66c. Equip: Increases your mastery rating by Sell Price: 8g 51s 44c. Lifecycle Waistguard. Sell Price: 0g 40s 58c. Leggings of Lethal Force.

Sell Price: 0g 58s 50c. Breastplate of Avenging Flame. Sell Price: 4g 81s 17c. Molten Tantrum Boots. Sell Price: 7g 77s 96c. Cannot occur more than once every 30 sec. Sell Price: 8g 5s 7c. Sell Price: 4g 56s 26c. Akirus the Worm-Breaker. Sell Price: 0g 97s 50c.Loot Loot Loot Loot. Blackwing Descent is a new raid instance in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The entrance to the raid instance is close to Nefarian 's throne in Blackwing Lair and is accessible by flying to the throne on the eastern side of Blackrock Mountain.

It features Nefarian as a boss, who returned from the assault on his lair and retreated further into the spire. Little is known about Blackwing Descent at the moment. It is a part of the Blackrock Spire complex occupied by the Black dragonflight and, probably Twilight's Hammer that recently changed sides, as they were previously allied with Dark Iron dwarves inhabiting Blackrock Depths who rivaled for control of the mountain against Nefarian and his minions.

However the alliance between Deathwing and Ragnaros in Mount Hyjal suggests the forces of Blackrock Mountain may be fighting as a single army. All bosses are up and running ready for you to kill them. However, it has been reported that since patch 4.

Pilt:Icon Cataclysm 18x Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Cataclysm This article concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm. This article should only contain officially released content, such as beta and press release content. This information is subject to change at any time. Note this tag should only be placed on major Cataclysm articles. You might want to import some information from a fan site - see Fansites for listings.

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Blackrock Mountain. Pilt:IconSmall Nefarian. Eastern Kingdoms. TBC Outland. WotLK Northrend.

blackwing descent entrance

Cataclysm Elemental Plane. Mists of Pandaria Pandaria.Blackwing Descent is an entry-level level 85 raid instance. Having retreated further into Blackrock Mountainfollowing his defeat in Blackwing Lair, Nefarian has been bolstering his forces here and must be stopped once more. The entrance to the instance is near Nefarian's throne in the uninstanced portion of Blackwing Lair and is accessible by flying mount only.

blackwing descent entrance

Blackwing Descent, along with Bastion of Twilight and Throne of the Four Winds, is one of the first raid instances in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and its place in the expansion is intended to be akin to that of Naxxramas in Wrath of the Lich King. The instance consists of two subzones, the Broken Hall and the Vault of the Shadowflame.

When you enter the instance, the Omnotron Defense System will be off to your right with Magmaw off to your left. There is no required order, but Magmaw is usually considered the "first" boss. You next descend into the Vault, where Nefarian's experiments take place. The Vault branches off into three areas where Chimaeron, Atramedes and Maloriak can be found. Only after defeating all of them will Nefarian himself become available, standing in the middle of the Vault as Lord Victor Nefarius.

Awesome prices, instant delivery. Payments: Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin. Payments: Paypal, Credit. Location Blackrock Mountain [25, 23]. When Nefarian arrived in Blackwing Descent, he repurposed the run-down system to annihilate anyone intruding on his laboratories. Nefarian largely considers Magmaw a worrisome pest, but has grown fond of feeding the beast his failed experiments The toxic salve applied to the broodling robbed him of sight, forcing him to rely on sound and smell for survival.

A tragic story The result-Maloriak-is a bumbling minion who possesses only a dull glimmer of his former intelligence. After his death in Blackwing Lair, he was reanimated and charged by Deathwing to continue his insidious endeavors.Forgot your password?

Blackwing Descent is a 10 and 25 man raid instance introduced into the game at the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The instance is located in the upper part of Blackrock Mountain and is only accessible by flying mount. Together with Bastion of Twilight and Throne of the Four Winds, it is part of the first raiding tier of the expansion.

Blackwing Descent houses a total of 6 bosses, available on both normal and heroic difficulty. The instance layout is quite simple to follow and there are very few trash packs, though some of them do present difficulty to unprepared raids.

Magmaw is largely a healer check, while the Omnotron Defense System is an awareness check. Once these two bosses are defeated, the raid gains access to the rest of the raid, namely the Vault of the Shadowflame.

Once inside the Vault of the Shadowflame, your raid will be able to choose between three bosses: Maloriak, Chimaeron and Atramedes. Maloriak is an encounter which requires precise interrupting and add handling, Chimaeron requires good tank and healer coordination while Atramedes requires good movement and situational awareness from your whole raid. These bosses can be attempted in any order.

Once all 5 bosses are defeated, your raid will be able to finally engage Nefarian, the final boss of the raid. Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Sign in anonymously. Sign in with Facebook. WoW Classic. Diablo III. Diablo IV. Borderlands 3. Overwatch 2. Tanking Guide. Healing Guide. WoW Classic Class Guides! Death Knight. Leveling Up Demon Hunter. Beast Mastery. PATCH 8. Horrific Visions Guides. Horrific Visions Hub. Titan Research Archive. Sanity Mechanics. Corrupted Mementos.

Madness Debuff. Horrific Visions Food.


Mail Muncher. Patch 8. Lesser Visions.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 12 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: Blackwing Descent. Blackwing Descent Hello There! I was wondering if anyone else noticed Wiki: The entrance to the raid instance will be close to Nefarian's throne in Blackwing Lair and will be accessible by flying to the throne.

Well I far sighted there and saw big iron cube covering the entrance! I managed to far sight inside, but I am not sure if anything is diferent last time I saw it was long long time ago from fp Blizz is making new instances Reply With Quote. I think im also right in saying the point of BWD was as a raid instance in place of Blackrock Mountain, as it is destroyed by the cataclysm, although, correct me if i'm wrong here.

Where I come from, fag means cigarette. Re: Blackwing Descent There has been no word from Blizzard on wether or not anything happens to the old Black Rock instances.

Since they announced Naxx being removed months ahead, i'd say they are staying. Re: Blackwing Descent I've been inside that cube, it is a replica of nefarians throneroom in Bwl. We will be flying in there to get to the raid,yes It is not in the game atm, no. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Social Media. Services My Account. Resources Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Ads by Fandom.Blackwing Descent is a raid whose entrance is located in Searing Gorge on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is The instance was released in the Cataclysm expansion.

Blackwing Descent

The raid contains 6 bosses. The end boss of Blackwing Descent is Nefarian. Blackwing Descent is a Cataclysm raid where the entrance to the encounter is high up on a ledge on the outside of the Blackrock Mountain in Searing Gorge.

If you have played the original Blackwing Lair, you will recognise that the end of that raid is the entrance of this raid.

Blackwing Descent entrance

The raid bosses drop on normal and level items on Heroic. The final boss is Nefarian and his daughter Onyxia who we have both encountered before in the game.

You need to kill the first two bosses first before you can unlock the rest of the raid. If you miss the lift down, don't try to be brave and jump down as you will more than likely die.

If you're a mage, don't use slow fall as you could quite easily miss the landing and fall into the lava and die or pull Onyxia.

blackwing descent entrance

When you enter the room, there will be three Dragonids in the room, one patrolling and the other two holding onto Magmaw. Carefully does it, pry the dragonids away from Magmaw and kill them all before you engage the boss. As the Dragonids are trash, you won't need to worry about adds or special moves.

As Magmaw has no arms, he relies on his breathe to fight you and will spit and breath fire onto your current location. When he spits, he'll sometimes summon a skeleton to fight you.

In addition to the skeleton, he may release a group of slugs, nothing a mage explosion can't handle. The slugs because there are more of them are easier to kill. During the fight, Nefarian will do some talking and be present in the fight in the sky as a black dragon. Nefarian might fire arcance fire balls as you but you will not be able to hit back, he'll be too far away to do any damage to him.

Toxitron is one of four that actually make up this boss encounter. All the other bosses are the same sort, a rock robot is possibly the best way to describe them. The others are Arcanotron, Electron and Magmatron.

Their names give a massive clue to what they can do. Toxitron uses toxic poisons etc. Toxitron is the first to be encountered. They are all on shared health so if you kill one, you kill them all. If their energy gets down to zero, they swap out and you fight another. There are no adds on this one so its one less thing you need to worry about. If you are soloing it, its just a matter of simply nuking the golem where it stands, it won't affect you much in terms of health.

Maloriak is Nefarian's chief scientists. During the fight, he will run to his cauldron, grab a drink, drink it and then attack again.

If you're soloing him, nuke him as quickly as possible. Maloriaks' phases are time dependant rather than done by how much health he has left.

Blackwing Descent Raid Guides for World of Warcraft

The longer you allow him to live, the more adds that will come. He will create abberations and slugs during the fight which all have to be taken care of. If you're soloing, be aware that he can freeze you and let the abberations kill you so don't try to show off by dragging on because it won't work. When you first enter the room, there will be eight spirits of dead dwarves, four on each side of the room. You need to kill all the dead spectral ghosts first.

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